Saturday, January 30, 2010

in a secret society....

I just ordered some new boots online....YAYYY, after constantly trying to convince my mother to buy it for me...IT WORKED :) Can't wait until I can take some photos with them!

As for my tests...i got the results back and i passed the AP which is a step up from thinking you've failed and I got a 93 on my English which i have been bragging about, in a humble way of course.

Well I should be getting ready to leave so I could pick up my friend from work and be on our way to get our nails done but I thought i should put up the latest photos because I might forget later.... IN THE CITY

(idk about him...trying on cardigans in the women's section lol)
(and a purse? hmmm :D )
ended off the day with a college basketball game and couldn't help but wonder why they had dancers if they had cheerleaders who were obviously better....

xo Dugan


  1. love the eye makeup and sweater! the guy in the flannel coat looks cute though ;D

  2. beautiful! in love with the first two photos.

  3. love that eyemakeup.

    anyway, I've recently started a blog (it's 3 weeks old) and would love it if you dropped by and checked it out. <3

  4. Oh just love your outfit and your eyeliner. Fabulous. And well done on your English test!

    Btw the guys in your pictures are so well dressed. I think the guys other here need to seriously take note!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  5. Well done on your english exam :)

    I love your outfit!..The boots are gorgeous and I love how the blue eyeliner you have on can really be seen. :D Lovely girl. :)

    Thanks for stopping by love. Added you on my blogroll and am following. :)

  6. The blue eyeliner looks so awesome matched with the blue stripes on your sweater!


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