Monday, January 25, 2010

Christina's Birthday, my wife :)

(look at her nails!!!)

I had two midterms today, both Chemistry and Trigonometry and I feel confident about the two. I'm still worrying franctically about the AP. I'll find out tomorrow. The weather was crazy and disgusting but i made the very best of my day and spent it with two of my favorite girls, Carla & Nina :)

Finally got my eyebrows done too so YAY i feel fresh-faced and purdy. I should be sleeping but fear not ! I feel healthier when I am sleep deprived :D
Got and English Midterm tomorrow and many people have been wishing me luck so thanks to all !!! Probably reading this and nodding in agreement with me or NOT and wish the very worst lol

Well I am happy to say I am finally getting this blog a little more of the attention that it's needed and i hope to have more reader's soon...Thanks for the positive feedback, it gets me going !!


  1. good luck on your tests! glad you pampered yourself, every girl needs it once in awhile :) congrats on the blog, i'm still trying to get mine out there, but i know it takes time...i'm so impatient, lol :D

  2. it can be hard work building up a readership for your blog but well done for sticking at it. :)
    Your outfit looks lovely and uber comfy. And I just love your shiny hair!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  3. Thanks for the support Suzy!!!! :) i felt so confident after i completed my exams....and I'm trying to get mine out there as well

    we could help each other, share tips & stuff like that

    & Thanks Anna Jane!!! I'm working at it.... btw It really was more comfy then I expected

  4. Hey! Loving your outfit and these photos are great! Good luck on building up your blog! :)

  5. I am trying to do the same. It can get overwheming. If want to trade links, I'll be more than willing to. Thanks dear for your comment btw.

  6. adorable photos! looks like so much fun!

  7. awesome awesome awesome! love the jumper and the read photos!


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