Sunday, June 14, 2009

head underwater and he told me to breathe easy

my bestfriend. my lover. my problem. my issue. we go on dates together, i like them...i feel like laughing. no one has ever made me feel as many diverse emotions as i have with him ever. we always have GOOD times despite all the bad. it is 1:00am and i write about you. and for the times we have argued, well i never waste my time with truly arguing with a's because i care.

his prom, graduation and our little dates

Grad Party '09

Last Night.
i mainly went for them, other than that i pretty much lost all thought of what i had to say about this whole event.
all i know is i was feeling good, i missed my camera but it is just way to be for someone so little to be carrying around and there is no way it would of fit in that little clutch of mine. i'm just really surprised that i have a post that is up to date, finally.
i still have not gotten used to writing straight from what is on my mind to the internet! that's a big step for me, so for now i'll keep it short and simple, another good night although it ended stupidly.....ATTENTION SEEKERS ahem.
but CONGRATS Class of '09.

as of right now i am really hungry and unfortunately for the love of food my only breakfast was a scoop of vanilla haagen daaz, i am so not satisfied with that. well finals are this week so i have no doubt in my mine that my blog will be as lifeless as possible but ofcourse i have tons of photos from before last night that need to be posted and i have hope that the excitement will soon arise with this summer. Well i'm off to Yonkers by bus, unfortunately. Hopefully this day has something good in store for me, food perhaps. i was promised Lasagna....mmmm

Saturday, June 06, 2009

this and then that, I&A

so my father tells me, people are very careless with the word friend. i believe it is very true. a friend should not use you, have conditions on your friendship, that person should be there, even if that person is very different from the way you may be you have a way of understanding each other. sometimes you fight a lot sometimes you don't care to fight. a friend is the person you're looking for whether its to engage in a fun time and to share boredom. a friend is that person that you might not ever admit that you love them but there is no need to, at the end of the day when something goes down, they know. i guess i'm not really talking about friendships in general, it could be but i know i'm not, i'm taling about the one that's been there for me when all those other friends showed their true colors whether it be that they were my "bestfriend", became an enemy, were fake, disappeared with time or had those certain conditions and restrictions on their friendship. I'm talking about the girl who is there when he's not or my mother or father. I'm talking about the girl who has been there for me through most of the stages of our lives....awkward and pointless to beautiful and talented. My first bestfriend, India White. I guess when you consider someone your bestfriend you could also put them in the category of family. a lot has been going on lately, but i'm extremely overdramatic at times so maybe there hasn't been. Unfortunately i take forever just to put up photos so i've decided to get my blog updated with my life a little bit better for starters here are some photos taken of my beautiful bestfriend and some taken by her of myself <3