Saturday, January 30, 2010

in a secret society....

I just ordered some new boots online....YAYYY, after constantly trying to convince my mother to buy it for me...IT WORKED :) Can't wait until I can take some photos with them!

As for my tests...i got the results back and i passed the AP which is a step up from thinking you've failed and I got a 93 on my English which i have been bragging about, in a humble way of course.

Well I should be getting ready to leave so I could pick up my friend from work and be on our way to get our nails done but I thought i should put up the latest photos because I might forget later.... IN THE CITY

(idk about him...trying on cardigans in the women's section lol)
(and a purse? hmmm :D )
ended off the day with a college basketball game and couldn't help but wonder why they had dancers if they had cheerleaders who were obviously better....

xo Dugan