Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Hi, This is my boyfriend other than Ashton Kutcher, Johnny Depp and a few* others that do not come to mind at this very moment :)

My camera has been sent in for fixing...until then I'll have to do without outfit posts of myself or any other captured moments in my life. As for now, I guess I'll just have to post some of many inspirational photos. What ticks me off the most is that for the days I had not attended to my blog...I had so much to talk and write about and now my head goes blank and all I can think of what my grades might be for each and every one of my classes. I am both anxious and nervous...hopefully I'm all worked up and worried for no reason. Thanks to all who have commented my blog guys are making it all more worth it and motivate me to get better and better. You guys are also SO sweet with all the positive feedback!!!

Unfortunately, I do not have the link to her blog but dazed and confused.... a certainly great blog I follow should on behalf that I first came across her on that blog....She is ultra gorgeous and certainly stylish, adding charisma and character to most of her photos, very intriguing. I've definitely become a fan of hers on Chictopia. She has also been a little motivation for me to experiment even more with my make up given that i completely adore the blue lipstick and everything blue(in the second photo) blue makes me happy..."style icon indeed"

other random photos that I have come across and LOVE

(sources are random blogs(unfortunately forgot specifics), flickr and google)

Can't forget the fantastic Olsen twins... I have always loved them so much as a child, collecting all their movies until now... loving their style! True icons of mine.


  1. Aww I hope your camera gets better soon Ash! <3
    Still, great collection of pictures. Does that half-naked girl actually have gold teeth?! Crazy stuff!
    As for the Olsen twins... there is something so truly fascinating about the way they dress. I think it's cos they're not conventionally tall and grown-up looking, so somehow they seem to make any kind of look look cute. Fantastic.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  2. i love these pictures! they have so much style in them! =)

  3. just fell in love with your blog!!!

  4. Thanks for what you saiabout my photo's!
    hope your camera get's better soon!
    love love love the olson twins!

  5. ahhh the olsens. i think they can make a trash bag chic.

  6. Ooh lovely inspirational photos! Good luck with your school work xx

  7. omg love the blue lipstick... will try that next !!

  8. Hope your camera comes back soon. :) I know the feeling and well it is different when our cameras arent with us. :)

    Such lovely photos! :) I love the Olsen twins, they fascinate me with their unique style. :)

  9. Great spread of photos!
    I LOVE Free People too! I only have a few pieces though, it's funny to think some people consider Free People as their forever 21!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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