Monday, October 12, 2009

photos that caught my eye before i made a blog...

McGinley, THE MAN ! haha

so October mother's birthday. My father got stopped by the cops and thankfully he didn't drink any liquor, the cops were so upset about it. I found it rather funny.
The cop told my father that he tricked the machine. Those cops pissed me off.
Right now, i'm supposed to doing school assignments...
but my mind is racing and rambling on about other things.
Bought two new things(clothes) to add to my huge collection. Strongly thinking about selling
some items, i'm sure many will love them. Just need some buyers and need
to do a little alterring and put my creativity to the test. In a few months i might be doing so.
Pictures of the items will be posted then, so anyone who is interested should let me know.

I guess i should be getting those assignments started.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

smooth move

more recent photos of myself...

Today has been very suttle...bought some novels from barnes and noble online, ate some haagen daaz chocolate ice cream and wondered about what i'm getting my mother for her birthday tomorrow. My project (fixing my room) has been in the process for almost a year now, hopefully i'll get my own laptop sooner or later and get rid of the computer i'm using right about takes up soo much space and has had over 5 viruses or maybe more...sad....hopefully my day will be filled with much more excitement when the night time arrives as for now i'm attempting to clean...*attempting*

and as for the "A lot like Love" poster in my last photo...i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ashton Kutcher and that put it into simple terms. i love sooo many movies though so i guess having him on the poster and the little photo booth made it all the more a great choice.

while skimming through the many photos i have i came across an album of the past winter which i love and was taken mostly by India White, if not by me.

photo above & below ( taken by me )

her job seemed so rediculous, free vitamin water w. our $1 slices

other random photos:

Candy Chaos ( Renell's Photoshoot )
i was there so i fooled around and caught a few images myself