Wednesday, January 06, 2010


So Cable keeps playing "He's Not That Into You"'s getting to me
I've been so i presumed i suck at jungling a whole bunch of things at once. Don't get me wrong, I think i'm oh so great at multi tasking but i haven't even attended this blog that I thought I'd be oh so dedicated to.

This post will just be, me trying to catch up to now from where i left off...uh oh

But as for a  random thought or situation, I actually watched the first season of True Blood, a friend told me to check it out

I just couldn't get over how much sex the main character's brother had & everytime a sex scene would come parents would just so happen to be around, i attract awkward situations i guess :D

as for my new year...ithink i started it off just right, PERFECT
I have an odd but good feeling about 2010, even though i don't like how it (2010)sounds lol


a day in the city <3


isa & i

( i DO NOT like this picture but i loved the color i put on my eyes)

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