Friday, January 15, 2010

sketches of what was there before...

I was thinking of what i should write...anything right? Couldn't help but get distracted from this disaster playing over and over on the news...

It may sound wrong to some but i try my best to clear it out of my mind, zone out...away from things like this, like the mind of a child that something like this can't happen. I try to focus on the beauty of the world and even life. Can't help but lose focus everytime i see a homeless person lying on the corner on a freezing winter night. I give em' a dollar but wish i could do more. A dollar is enough right? NO not nearly enough

I can't help but think of my father eve today told me all the wrongs he's done that he just wants to make right. ALL of my wrongs and the ones yet to be done i want to make more than right. My father even made a point by saying he strives to help others as much as he can. I see my father in my self, i see what i've taken from my father. This disaster in Haiti is not the only event, disasters and catastrophes happen everyday including the biggest ones ( poverty and violence) I wish i could do more, make a BIG more than just one person. I wish the beauty in life would just crush the catastophic like it does in my mind...when i get in the zone.

Because if you look hard enough you see the Beauty in this world, the universe...if you look in the right places. I feel blessed. I see it when i spend a moment with my my mother or father....when i spend a moment alone absorbing myself in my own la land
something like...

(taken from random flickrs)

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