Friday, January 22, 2010

2 AM

Blouse- by Betsey Johnson <3
Photo - by Adeline

Currently listening to Imagine by John Lennon(the Beatles)
"Imagine all the people living life in may say I'm a dreamer"

A couple of hours ago, yesterday to be precise I went to dinner with my an application and before that went to school from 8 A.M - 1230 A.M. to take two exams that I'm not so confident about anymore. I studied so much and of course when i saw the tests, AP specifically i froze....everything looked so different and in jibberish (a bad type of jibberish). Hopefully, the outcomes are better than i expect them to be. I've been contemplating on getting a job lately, I'm just oh so picky. The application i picked up today might be a good start for me, it's not like I'm choosing a career which speaking of "career" that's got me freaking outtt. Other than that I'm focused on doing well on all of my exams and getting things done "being mucho productivo" (look at me making up words lol)

Well as always i'm updating later than i expect but here are some photos mostly taken by a friend of India, Ronald!!! It was most of his idea.

(India & Ronald)

now that it is so easy to upload my photos and enlarge them, i am satisfied :D
Now I'm off to paint my nails, do my hair and wake up early to a day of shopping in solitude..."YESSSSSSSSS !!!!!!"


  1. These photos are really good! Nice styling and looks, great blog!


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