Sunday, January 24, 2010

bliss....i mean shopping

It's been a while since I've been shopping which is really saying something because I shop almost every weekend and I'm sure If i didn't attend school...I'd shop on weekdays as well.

Before  i left the house, my mother snapped a couple of photos. The weather yesterday was better than usual...i hate this cold weather but that's how it is in New York, the city seemed much warmer than my neighborhood. Living by the water has its negatives but i love it either way. I got to Castle Hill with 10 items of clothing, oh so HAPPY. As soon as i got off the train, i met up with my parents whom took me to dine at one of our favorite little spanish restaurants (La Cocina Boricua). My parents have been so good to me, Friday we went to Tosca which left my tummy happy even thought i only got a caesar salad but it was awesome.
(Long sleeve button down : gift from my mother Guess)
(Vest: Ralph Lauren for Men)
(Jeans: Levi's "i think")
(Boots : Steve Madden, purchased at a Thrift)

Oh but as for my purchases, found a knitted poncho (adore ittttt, its detail is a bow) a knitted cardigan with beaded pearls on the sleeve) and a lace top. Bought a perfect white blazer for the spring and a brown one for the weather now. Also bought a pair of blue tights, a trench coat, petite rain jacket and a grey jacket (with a vintage feel, including the details in the buttons) and a couple of other stuff i can't  remember lol.

I also made a Chictopia account today...and as I was looking for an outfit to post i saw some photos of a day out in the city with Ronald, India and I. Its funny because that's the very first time i met Ronald and both times I have....We've taken great photos. Here they are...You gotta love the pit stops you make when you're in the City...for starters going into a halloween store, stopping for Australian Ice Cream, free vitamin water & Sephora!!!!!

i truly love just being able to have fun and bug out with other people...

(don't think it's weird that i had to snap a shot of her little ensemble)

*wishing i could punch everyone who viewd this >:)*

(yes, a huge bird & a rat in the park....DISTURBING)


  1. nice blog, cupcake! i love your leather jacket <3

  2. I like what you did with the jeans on the first pics. Nice shots with your friends. I like your blog, will you visit mine?

  3. I love the hawk with the rat! haha. I never would have thought to see a picture of that in NYC. I dont think I have ever seen one in Chicago although they thrive in the suburbs.

  4. Oh my! that hawk and rat is crazy! you look great too, I love the ripped tights!

  5. thanks Marla...and Audrey of course I'll visit yours as well :)

    AND i know i was never expecting to see that !!! thanks for the comments


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