Sunday, February 07, 2010

boy how they mesmerize...

I was taken out last night to see Dear John....nothing compares to the Notebook.

This post is not dedicated to that movie but to some lovely models who captured my attention on Priscillas Model Management... absolute dolls with unique looks. I get tired of the same faces that tend to be displayed in magazines, i love change and versatile looks make me happy.

Tania Pozzebom

Amy Bracco

No one truly understands how obsessed I am with red hair and how much I really wish I could pull it's no secret which is why it was natural for me to fall in love with this shot!

Love this blouse
Annabella Barber

Kate Glynn

That silver top is so radical <3 and i love the sex appeal in this shot

Kenza Fourati

Kerry Doyle

Samantha Downie

Everyone says I look different in many of my photos and that's what I love (same is boring) and I sure as hell don't want to be boring! These models captivate different looks in a unique and gorgeous fashion and I can't help to fall in love so easily. I live for this, not only are they completely bad ass(ash) but they have some bad ass names to go with them as well!


  1. love this post and the all models! look perfect ! and i love the color story from the 3rd pics! this post really inspiring me! keep inspiring me :)
    can't wait for the next post :)
    have a nice day
yudia aiiu

  2. aww I can't wait to see that movie! And I love seeing unique beautiful faces!! Annabella is my Fav!!

    XO Kimmy

  3. i can't wait to see dear john too :)

    such lovely models, thanks for sharing :) i agree with you, i mean you dont want to look same all the time, change up what you wear and makeup too. change is good :)

  4. love these!

    lol in response to this...
    btw I'm a little confused about the comment you left me lol....jumper & read photos?

    haha i have no idea ;)

  5. ah these are such an inspiration! i love the blouse that annabella barber is wearing as well!

  6. these pictures are nice inspiration! love it!!!

  7. I LOVE Kate Glynn! Her face is just irresistible - not to mention her fabulous!

    And you are not the only one obsessed with red hair - I love it, as's such a mesmerizing hair color!! :)

  8. samantha really looks different in every picture still she is smoking hot


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