Monday, October 05, 2009

love's what tore us apart...............

Its been a while since i've updated this blog...i kind of gave up on it but i figured i might give it a chance...
A LOT has changed in my life!
& i still feel inexperienced with the blogging idea and expressing my ideas in words...knowing that people might read it.

 But i'm still ever so tempted to blog anyways since i've been obsessed with reading school has started and it's only the very beginning but i feel the stress creeping...My summer wasn't anything to brag about except lots of shopping and thrifting <3

School is going to be exceptionally busy this year with all the clubs i'm in....writing for the school newspaper, community service, homework homework homework(i despisee), honors classes, and AP....i must learn to deal and hopefully "all the work pays off" personally i think people well parents say that just so that you can do better because not knowing EXACTLY what you want to do with your life and having the best gades isn't going to you places. That's what has been on my mind lately....what am i going to do with my life? the question has me at a loss of words. And now i don't want to speak on it anymore. I read through my old posts and i must say i suck at putting my thoughts into words.....this year i'm trying to remain calm and happy in whichever way i can which is why i'm filling my closet which is on overload...doing lots of reading...watching my favorite movies and listening to my favorite music YUMMY can't get any better than this.....speaking of movies, seeing Rocky IV today with my father was great and seeing Donnie Darko the other day was most especially priceless..well i think this post was a good start and hopefully  i'll be updating more and more each day.

"they made me do it"

"why are you wearing that stupid man suit"

i love this movie.....

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  1. i want to read what you write in the newspaper. im interested


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